I’m paying very high interest. Is Personal Loan an Alternative?

“Lusder helped me at a time when my own bank did not provide credit to me. I got a loan with lower interest rates to clear my debts and reorganize my budget with a loan that fits in my pocket.” Francis L..

The interest rate in Brazil is high, it’s true. If you’re like John and you think you’re spending a lot of money on interest, be aware that in some cases you can get away from that cost and pay a fairer, lower rate. You should research calmly and find out what is the best solution for your situation. What is your situation?

I’m using the overdraft or I’m late for my credit card statement


In this case there is nothing to think about. A personal personal loan may be 10x cheaper than the cost of overdraft or credit card. In the very bank where you own an account there must be other more advantageous lines of credit, such as personal loans. And there are cheaper rates still: a good request to find lower rates is to seek a loan online, as in Lusder. Compare the alternatives and make the conscious decision to exchange a kind of expensive debt for a cheap one.

The tip is to ask what is the Total Effective Cost (CET), which is the interest rate plus other costs and insurance. Only then will you actually know how much you will be paying and choosing.

I have one or more loans and I can not afford to pay

I have one or more loans and I can not afford to pay

This is for you who realizes that your other credit debts are consuming a high percentage of your income and that they could be cheaper. It is always worth looking at the cost of a loan and rethinking, especially if the payment is eroding much of the salary. The conclusion may lead you to look for another credit, cheaper and that reduces the monthly payment of interest. But remember that this only makes sense if you repay the old loan and start paying a new one. Understand how to consolidate your debts here.


The hiring process is very simple: in 5 minutes you hire the loan that best fits your financial profile. But do not forget: It is important that your loan does not commit more than 20% of your monthly income!

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